Friday Pictures – The Clever Edition

There is a long standing tradition between me and my family, acquaintances and co-workers, that I crack really lame jokes, puns, and mixed metaphors and they groan, snort or completely ignore me.  Since my plan is to live my life in complete and utter isolation, the plan is going much better than I had hoped.  Even bitter, there are a lot of really clever people out there that are taking the spotlight away from my terrible punjoketaphors to further distract people from wanting to talk to me.  I want to tell these people to continue to do that so my goal of survival of the lonliness continues.  So I would like to dedicate this Friday Picture Post to them for being one of many things that take the heat from me.

Macs are so smart they can hold Windows…

Macs hold up pretty well.

Macs hold up pretty well. They have good tech support too.

This guy is so clever he can hold open a door…

The ladies love when the hold...the door closed for them.

The ladies love when you hold the door…closed for them.

This girl is a bitter face prodigy…

This girl is perfecting her bitter face early.

Bitter Ben’s long lost daughter?

This horse is clever enough to know when a blanket doesn’t match…

This horse don't mess around ...

“Nah, dude.  I’m freeblanketing today.”

This talented guy can sign and balloon at the same time…

"Do you want a dog or a giraffe?"

“Do you want a dog or a giraffe?”

When they talk about how smart the cloud is….

When they talk about

They’re talking about this guy.

Don’t be jealous of this guys mad coconut breaking skills…

Don't be jealous

…or even more jealous of his ancient hand breaking technique.

Paris has a dream…

...that one day we will be as smart as her...

…that one day we will be as smart as her…

This guy has mad communications skills…

This guy....

Famous for starting the Shawshank Redemption Prison in Maine, that held such notorious prisoners as Andy Dufrense and Red. 

And last but least, this unambitious nobody that can’t do anything but make it snow…Is he Frosty’s cousin?

Famous for

Just chillin being bitter….

Like me, leave the cleverness to these geniuses above.  Instead, have a uncleverly, bitterly, lame and unimportant Friday.  Because no one has ever invented or did anything productive on Friday. Especially me.


Bitter Unclever Ben

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43 thoughts on “Friday Pictures – The Clever Edition

  1. I can’t tell if your bitterness made me giggle-snort or if I’m suffering from acid reflux. I will say this…Whenever Mac supports Windows it rarely ends well… Having said all that, I guess I should probably tell you that your bitterness isn’t nearly as off putting as you might like. JaneyBGood from CupidOrCats stopped by my blog share party to throw a little blog love your way!

  2. Pingback: In case you missed it…because you were playing with your shiny new toys | Ben's Bitter Blog

  3. This was fun Ben! I spent a little too much time on the horse one though. I watched it about 5 times in a row before I realized it was repeating. Ha! And I’m not even bitter . . . .

  4. I feel like I can see that horse guys exasperated face just from the slump of his shoulders. That horse is my hero. Also that guy who barely slips in through the door. Mad skillZ.

  5. Bitter Ben I’m so sorry to be commenting, because you have just clearly said you don’t want to have contact with people. But I just wanted to say I know how you feel, so I hope we can be good enemies, or at least pretty darn indifferent towards each other. God luck in your quest.

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